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The pod has been designed as a plug and play unit so the pod comes fully constructed, so this should be taken into consideration. The pod can be transported almost anywere in the UK, The pod has built-in lifting and towing points which slot into its rigid steel frame to get it situated almost anywere. We have yet to fail in getting the pods into their desired location. So if you feel that delivery may be an issue just give us a ring or email us and we will advise on the best solution.


Planning Permission


The pod has been designed to fit into permitted developments. The link is below to see if you meet the criteria.

 If you do not meet what they have specified, then planning may be required.

The Quality POD also comes within the definition of “caravan”. As far as the relevant law is concerned, a caravan is “… any structure designed or adapted for human habitation which is capable of being moved from one place to another” (whether by being towed, or by being transported on a motor vehicle or trailer) provided they retain the element of mobility.

We still recommend that you speak to your local planning authority for advice.



Your Quality POD is delivered fully assembled and is plug and play ready. Prior to delivery we will have discussed with you Site Preparation. We will also have discussed with you access for delivery and means of off-load, so the installation process is usually very quick.




We at Quality Pods Wales offer a 10 year structural warranty which simply guarantees that your Quality Pod will retain its structural integrity for at least that period. In truth given the quality of materials employed and the craftsmanship involved we would expect a Quality Pod to last for many decades.

Terms and conditions apply*



How to Purchase

Firstly, give us a ring to discuss if the pod is right for you. If you would like, come down and see one for your self. Our workshop is always available for viewing. It is then just a case of picking the fit and finish of the pod. The pods can be customised, allowing you to choose the final finishing touches


Technical Information

Lifting & Moving

The pod has a steel chassis which has integrated fork points for a front end loader or telehandler the 5m pod fully equipped only weighs a mere 1.7 tonne due to its unique wooden skeleton. It also has 4 lifting points for a crane which double up as the points for the slot-in heavy duty wheels and tow hitch. All angles have been covered to meet a broad range of requirements. The pod can be re-sited if required.



Our team are all experienced tradespeople who take an enormous pride in their work and enjoy creating, Using a blend of the latest CNC technology and skilled staff to create one of the best outside spaces on the market.


Wood Durability

The table below explains the durability of timber that is left below ground for water and rot to penetrate in the worst possible conditions. as an example soft wood that most pods are made of are classed as NOT DURABLE by TRADA.

Durability is the measurement of how long specific species of timber would last is a 50mm x 50mm cross section was left in the ground unprotected. An untreated Oak beam, which is classed as "durable", for example, will last 15-25 years depending on environmental conditions.

The following scale of durability was outlined by the TRADA - the Timber Research and Development Association.















15-25 YEARS

10-15 YEARS

5-10 YEARS



The pod is completely encased in beautiful Siberian Larch, It has a very high resistance to decay,and rarely shrinks or twist. it has superb acoustic and thermal properties. Siberian Larch is classed as moderately durable and does not require treatment for external use. expected lifespan is around 20+ years

 Also for complete piece of mind  upgrade to the super durable Abodo, expected 60 year plus lifespan*

Abodo is much slower grown than its UK counterpart resulting in a denser, darker wood with a more varied colour palette. It also renowned for offering a cladding that is completely clear and free of imperfections – i.e. zero knots and a tight, even grain.

​The pods have our own unique PVC door and windows, which set it apart from the rest. (maintenance free).

The better you treat your POD the better it will treat you!!!!!





Unit G, Eastern Avenue,

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Tel: 01646 687 772

Mob: 07900 393 076

Our Pods are made in the Wales
Our Pods are manufactured in the UK

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Quality Pods is part of the Woodenbale 2000 Ltd Group. Company Number: 03518409

Our Pods are made in the Wales
Our Pods are manufactured in the UK
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Our Pods are made in the Wales
Our Pods are manufactured in the UK